6 Tips in Branding Yourself Online

Having a good online reputation does not only make you popular, it also makes you successful. Whether you’re running your own business or doing freelance work, it pays to brand yourself properly online.

So if you’re in dire need of a little online makeover, then look no further. Below are some of the best ways you should start branding yourself on the web.


1. Google yourself.

Before anything else, you need to check how you appear in search engines. Type in your name and see what comes up. If you have incriminating photos and other information that doesn’t really help you, ask Google to take it out. If you have the access to take them down, then do so.

Clean up your online profile first so you can build your brand without any skeletons in the closet suddenly surfacing.


2. Fix your name to set yourself apart.

You might have a common name, like “Maggie Smith” or “Jack Robinson”. There could be millions with that name existing online so what you can do is incorporate your middle initial or your second name.

This will release a shorter list of results and increases the chance that you will be easily found online.


3. Build your social media profile.

Once you’ve cleaned up after yourself, you now need to build your social media presence. There are over 1 billion people in Facebook alone. This doesn’t even count the millions of people in Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other platforms.

Start by keeping a decent presence— from the photos you upload, the status updates and posts you share and even how you communicate with your circles. If you want to be respected by people, your image should be as respectable as possible.


4. Create a somewhat “Ask an Expert” website.

Apart from your social media profiles, you need to have your own website. This stands as your online portfolio, which is a critical part of your successful branding.


If you’re offering a certain product/service, then you need to have somewhat of a “Ask an Expert” website. Say you’re a dog expert. Launch your website in such a way that people will come to you for help.

An FAQ, Submit your Questions and Forum areas could level you up and set you apart. So make yourself a thought leader and people will actually take you for one.


5. Link from yourself to yourself.

When you are running different social media profiles, it’s a must for you to link from yourself to yourself. What does this mean?

If you have a Google+ account, then add up your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts as well. This will allow a better expansion of contacts and a greater shot at bagging new clients.

Moreover, you will be easily visible and appear more often in search engines as you’re just about well, anywhere.


6. Communicate and engage well.

When someone you’ve given your services to thanked you in his/her website/social media platform, acknowledge it and give them your warm gratitude as well. If someone is inquiring about the product/services you can render, give your response as promptly as possible.

This way, the rest of your circle and their circles will regard you as a good communicator as well as an easy-to-talk-to fellow. Trust us, you’ll need this degree of kindness to keep your people’s loyalty.



The Basics of Ground Anchor

In building colossal structures like retaining walls or dams, the primary concern is always strength. Disastrous situations like an earthquake can cost a lot of lives if these constructions were never build to withstand such amount of load and environmental threat.

Thanks to a ground anchor, such circumstances can be prevented. Also known as an earth anchor, this device has been around since the late 50’s— and it has proven itself very useful at that.

What exactly is a ground anchor?
A ground anchor is a steel bar inserted into a hole that’s been pre-drilled. It’s commonly positioned in a slope or other compromising places that can be of potential threat to destruction.

Coated in cement, a ground anchor is installed quite deeply into the soil. Once it’s put into position, it does not require maintenance.

What are the types of a ground anchor?
There are three common types of a ground anchor. Here they are below:

1.    Straight Shaft Pressure-Grouted Ground Anchor
This is typically used for a soil that is more coarse and granular in kind. It has increased stress to withstand a greater pressure in a much more delicate kind of soil.

2. Straight Shaft Gravity-Grouted Ground Anchor
If the grounds were more rocky and hard, this type of device is installed.

3. Post-grouted Ground Anchor
This is the kind of anchor that’s been injected multiple times with grout to further enlarge the device. Used for a great amount of pressure, the post-grouted anchor is just like an enlarged straight shaft gravity-grouted anchor.

How is a ground anchor installed?

Just like anything that is part of a massive structure, a thorough site analysis is needed when installing a ground anchor. Since its main purpose is to provide strength and prevent disasters, it’s only right to know how much load capacity is needed.

There are four components to this site analysis. First is the corrosion level of the soil, second is the depth of hole that’s it’s going to be drilled, moisture content of the soil and the strength of the soil itself.

Once these have all been properly assessed, drilling is started. About a185 mm diameter hole is drilled into the soil. The next step is to insert the ground anchor inside the hole. Cement is then pumped into the hole to enclose the anchor, leaving it to set completely.

It is installed deeply below ground level that the chances of it being felt way above the structure is so slim.

How much of it does a structure need?

Like the kind of anchor that a retaining wall or a crop protection structure may need, how much of it also depends on how much is necessary.

There are various types of soil, diverse locations for each construction site and varying height of structures as well so it takes a great amount of skill and knowledge to accomplish such a task.

A ground anchor is an integral part in building any structure where safety is of even greater concern. Considering the kind of sites these devices are used in, it’s only necessary to use the right kind and for it to be handled by no one less than a professional.

VLM Group is the expert in Post Tensioning System and Ground Anchor. Visit their website to understand more.

How to Make a Brand for Yourself

You might be wondering if it is really possible for you to make a brand for yourself. Yes, that is definitely possible. However, you should first familiarize yourself with the steps that you should take when you are just starting up.

If you want to make a brand for yourself, you should be as organized as possible. Take note of whatever you have learned from school or from your previous jobs. If you have attended seminars or trainings, you may also recall everything that you have absorbed from the lessons that you have taken up.

Branding yourself does not necessarily mean that you are bragging about your capabilities. You should be as specific and as realistic as possible. You should only offer the services that you can really do and the knowledge that you really have.

Personal branding has a lot of aspects. You can make a brand for yourself through your educational attainment. You can make a brand for yourself through specifying yours experiences. You can make a brand for yourself by the way you dress up. You can make a brand for yourself by your unique qualities.

Personal branding is simply the way on how you sell or market yourself to other people. Based on this definition, you will find out that confidence is one of the key qualities that you should have in order to be able to brand yourself.

Do you believe that first impressions last? Yes, that is true. You should always keep this quotation in mind if you want to market yourself more effectively. If you want to impress your clients, you should impress them by the time that you met them. You should show them how unique you are and how great you are in doing what you do.

In order for you to brand yourself, you should focus on a specific niche. You should know the field where you are really good at. If you consider yourself an expert at a specific thing, you should explain why you consider yourself an expert on that. You should never ever let yourself down, because your experiences, educational background, and unique qualities will serve as your capital in doing any kind of business.

There are a lot of ways on how you can improve your self-esteem. You may join professional seminars and other programs that will help you get all of the knowledge that you need in order to prepare yourself in the professional world or market.